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Armand G. from Chula Vista, CA

Groove Cruise is not just an event. It’s a family. We love our GC FAM!

Ian H. from Dallas, TX

Groove Cruise changed my life!! It was everything I’ve ever wanted or needed and didn’t yet know. A perfect storm of amazing music, amazing people wearing amazing costumes in an amazing environment. The overall quality of the people you get to meet and be around is what really makes you feel an urge to return as many times as possible!

Audrey H. from Minneapolis, MN

I was convinced to come on Groove Cruise 2020 last year by two amazing friends who had nothing but positive things to say about GC and promised me I’d have the time of my life. And they weren’t wrong!! I have never before felt so instantly welcomed and at ease around so many people. My friends were so right in that there is something truly special about Groove Cruise and the GCFam. After a very difficult past few years GC2020 really reset just… everything for me. It was the perfect way to kick off a new year and a new decade. So y’all are stuck with me now cause I’m not missing it again!

Kris V. from Milwaukee, WI

Groove Cruise has changed my life. For me [it] is about escaping from my life for a few days and connecting with my true self through the music that I love. It’s the only time I get to truly take a vacation from work. I’ve met so many great people on GC and look forward to reconnecting with them on each cruise.

Paul V. from Columbia, SC

Groove Cruise started out as a box to check on my festival list, and became a way of life. It’s not a festival, rave, etc. It’s a yearly gathering of family. Through good and bad, someone from this fam is always there for you. The yearly journey is 4 days. But GC is for life. We Are Never Going Home.

Jayme L. from San Francisco, CA

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. Groove Cruise has given me everything I could possibly want. The GCFam is the gift 🎁 that keeps on giving. The Love ❤️ is unlike anything else. We plan around all year for these 4-5 magical days out at sea with like-minded individuals. We reach out to those friends everyday, that have become family. Distances can separate us, but the Love for one another keeps us close at the Heart. Much Love Groove Cruise and all the GCFam – GCCupid

Emily R. from Cleveland, OH

After a year of heartache and questioning life, we came back with a reason to live. We found ourselves by getting lost at sea.

Aimee N. from Fiskdale, MA

Almost my entire friends circle is because of Groove Cruise. And now they are my family (picture from [my] first year).

Liz H. from Medford, Oregon

#GCFam is so loving and inclusive. I don’t feel like I have to be someone or something I’m not!

GC testimonials circle_andrewp

Andrew from Texas

I’m a seven-time Groove Cruiser and I can’t stop going. The cruise is cultivated around a safe and fun community; it’s all about the GC family. You can get on and off the cruise at ports, so it’s a really fun and unique way to travel. People are nice and welcoming onboard. You come to realize you’re making a bunch of friends you didn’t know you had yet.

GC testimonials circle_suzyq

Jessi from Miami

We do Vegas every year; we wanted to do something different. We wanted to do a destination. It is very safe and feels like a family on Groove Cruise. Everyone loves one another and it feels very like one big family. This has literally been the best time of our lives.

GC testimonials circle_nicole

Nicole from San Diego

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first Groove Cruise, but I came in very open-minded. I saw a collaboration of music to create this awesome vibe, the people around were all there for the same reason, and it made me feel like I met these friends I’ve always wanted. I was able to find what I was looking for in life, and I found it on Groove Cruise.


A portion of all proceeds go directly to the 501c3 non-profit Whet Travel Foundation


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